Bok-Soon runs a street stall while taking care of her younger sister. Bok-Soon may not be the brightest girl but what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in uncontrollable rage. She’s infamously known as the “psycho bitch” in her neighborhood. Bok-Soon’s relatively peaceful life with her sister is disrupted when they cross paths with a serial killer named Tae-Soo. Tae-Soo kills Bok-Soon’s sister because she may have stumbled upon the truth of his murderous lifestyle. Bok-Soon’s rage consumes her completely, leading her to plot her revenge on Tae-Soo.

Genre: Horror

Actor: Lee Minki , Kim Goeun , Kim Roeha , Kim Buseon , Ahn Seohyun , Heo Joonseok , Kim Bora , Park Byungeun , Bae Seongwoo

Director: Hwang Inho

Writer: Hwang Inho

Country: South Korea

Release: 2014-03-13

Duration: 113 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0